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Results from the 40th Rivertown Days Tennis Tournament

Anri Sakakibara and Emily Beyer took first in the U18 Girls' Doubles division at the Rivertown Days Tennis Tournament. Submitted photo

The 40th Rivertown Days has come to a close and so has the 40th Rivertown Days Tennis Tournament. Played over the course of the weekend at the courts by Roadside Park and the high school, the tournament crowned champions in 25 divisions and for a total of 75 place-winners. See below for the results:

U12 Boys' Singles: 1st- Andy Johnson of New Richmond, Wis., 2nd- Nathan Devereux of New Richmond, Wis., and Consolation- Charlie Jensen of Hastings.

U12 Girls' Singles: 1st- Emma Bakker of Hastings, 2nd- Ruby Rotty of Hastings and Consolation- Annika Tix of Hastings.

U14 Boys' Singles: 1st- Sruhan Miryala of Woodbury, 2nd- Caleb Teegarden of Hastings and Consolation- Aidan Hull of Red Wing.

U14 Girls' Singles: 1st- Sonja Potthoff of White Bear Lake, 2nd- Charlotte Kranz of Hastings and Consolation- Jamie Friberg of Hastings.

U14 Boys' Doubles: 1st- Finn Dolezal/Srujan Miryala of Woodbury, 2nd- Brady Zak/Caleb Teegarden of Hastings and Consolation- Henry Ascheman/Brady Teegarden of Hastings.

U14 Girls' Doubles: 1st- Sonya Potthoff/Alexina Erickson of White Bear Lake, 2nd- Jamie Friberg/Autumn Winkler of Hastings and Consolation- Izabelle Brinkman/Onalie Dennis of New Richmond, Wis.

U16 Boys' Singles: 1st- Braden Nelson of Hastings, 2nd- Matthew Mracek of Rosemount and Consolation- Jackson Hull of Red Wing.

U16 Girls' Singles: 1st- Teresa Tenner of New Richmond, Wis., 2nd- Sophia Jonas of Hudson, Wis., and Consolation- Erika Henrichs of Hastings.

U18 Boys' Singles: 1st- Keyan Shayegan of Stillwater, 2nd- Ben Ascheman of Hastings and Consolation- Eric Barber of Hastings.

U18 Girls' Singles: 1st- Amy Roach of Hastings, 2nd- Emily Beyer of Hastings and Consolation- Kate Townsend of Cottage Grove.

U18 Boys' Doubles: 1st- Biernet/Pfluger of St.Paul/Woodbury, 2nd- Carter Teegarden/Eric Barber of Hastings and Consolation- Jacob Rotty/Mikey Wester of Hastings.

U18 Girls' Doubles: 1st- Anri Sakakibara/Emily Beyer of Hastings, 2nd- Amy Roach/Maeli Martin of Hastings and Consolation- Katey Eickhoff/Ariana Devereux of New Richmond, Wis.

14U Mixed Doubles: 1st- Charlotte Kranz/Brady Zak of Hastings, 2nd- Autumn Winkler/Brady Teegarden of Hastings and a tie at Consolation between Jamie Friberg/Caleb Teegarden of Hastings and Molly Moran/Henry Ascheman of Hastings.

18U Mixed Doubles: 1st- Elizabeth Henrichs/Joe Zak of Hastings, 2nd- Emily Beyer/Ben Ascheman of Hastings and Consolation- Skylar Tjomsland/Brayden Nelson of Hastings.

Women's Singles Div 1 and 2: 1st- Erin Henrichs of Hastings, 2nd- Ashley Orchard of Hastings and Consolation- Jan Kurilla of Hastings.

Men's Singles Div 1: 1st- Connor Bernard of Cedar Falls, Iowa; 2nd- Austin Houska of Hastings and Consolation- Hunter Thamert of Rochester.

Men's Singles Div 2: 1st- James Sill of Hastings, 2nd- John Rupp of Hastings and Consolation- Sam Poncelet.

Men's Over 40: 1st- David Sonday of West St. Paul, 2nd- Kevin Roach of Hastings and Consolation- Chad Urlaub of Fargo, N.D.

Women's Doubles Div 1: 1st- Jill Weinzettel/Mattie Kidder of Hastings and New Richmond, Wis., 2nd- Taylor Reiners/Laura Edwards of Minneapolis and Consolation- Erin Henrichs/Elizabeth Henrichs of Hastings.

Women's Doubles Div 2: 1st- Debra Fitzgerald/Rachel Allgor of Fairbanks, Alaska and Hastings, 2nd- Mary Langworthy/Ann Peiler of Hastings and St. Michael, Minn., and Consolation- Chloe Struss/Morley Struss of Red Wing.

Men's Doubles Div 1: 1st- Nicholas Knudsen/Zachary Kantor of Lino Lakes,Minn., and Foley, Minn., 2nd- Austin Houska/Josh Houska of Hastings and Consolation- Joe Zak/Carson Konrady of Hastings.

Men's Doubles Div 2: 1st- Shane Rother/Sam Hobbs of Hastings, 2nd- Duane Gabrielson/John Galles of Hastings and Consolation- Chuck Taffe/Jim Zywiec of Hastings.

Adult Mixed Div 1: 1st- Taylor Reiners/Craig Raway of Minneapolis, 2nd- Jill Weinzettel/Zachary Kantor of Foley, Minn., and Consolation- Mattie Lubben/Nicholas Knudsen of Buffalo, Minn., and Lino Lakes, Minn.

Adult Mixed Div 2: 1st- Erin Henrichs/Brady Gullicks of Hastings, 2nd- Amy Roach/Kevin Roach of Hastings and Consolation- Marissa Welch/Adam Welch of Hastings.

Adult Mixed Div 3: 1st- Julie Henrichs/Andy Larson of Hastings, 2nd- Tina Cove/Scott Cove of Lake Elmo, Minn., and Consolation- Hannah Steiner/Ben Steiner of Roseville, Minn.

The winner of the 2018 Ron Eggert Good Sportsmanship Award was Alanna Knutson of New Richmond, Wis.

Alec Hamilton

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