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Hastings Area Swim Team paddles through June

Emma Dehmlow, Mari Hall, Jacob Baker and Micah Benner were HAST's Swimmers of the Meet for the month of June. Photo courtesy of Brenda Green

The Hastings Area Swim Team attended four meets in the month of June and at those meets the competitors brought some heat in the form of fast swims. They attended the Piranhas Summer Chomp Swim Meet at the outdoors Richfield Municipal Pool June 1-3. Forty-four HAST swimmers teamed up to achieve new times in the CH-1, A-2, BB-3, B-12 and C-6 divisions. The swimmer of the meet was Mari Hall. She swam six-out-of-six best times, cutting more than 15 seconds overall and achieved a new BB time in the 50 backstroke.

The next weekend on June 15, HAST attended the SHRK Southern Alliance Conference C/Pre-C Meet at Levi Dodge Middle School in Farmington. Thirteen HAST swimmers achieved new times in the C-7 division. The swimmer of the meet was Jacob Barker, who swam three-out-of-three best times and achieved his first C time in the 100 backstroke.

On June 19, nine HAST swimmers attended the Piranhas Quad Meet at Richfield MS where they achieved new times in the CH-1 and C-1 divisions. The swimmer of the meet was Emma Dehmlow, who cut over 18 seconds in all her events and achieved her first-ever CHAMP time in the 50 butterfly.

June 23-24, forty-eight HAST swimmers traveled to Eau Claire, Wis., to attend the Fairfax Outdoor Swim Meet at the Fairfax Outdoor Pool. Together they achieved new times in CH-3, BB-8, B-2 and C-4. They finished first with 2,239 points against 20 different swim teams from Minnesota and Wisconsin. The swimmer of the meet was Micah Benner. Micah swam six-out-of-six best times and his determination earned him a new C time in the 100 backstroke.

New CHAMP times were set by Emma Dehmlow, Lauren Jenkins, Sofia Kovalenko, Nathan LeMay and Ashtyn Stewart, while new A times came from Kira Aarness and Dylan Purrington.

Emelia Berg, Clara Birken, Ella Carlson, Mari Hall, Natalie Knutson, Hogan Lawson, Natalie Ptacek and Avery Stoffel set new BB times. New B times were set by Andi Carlson, Jeremy Cory, William Cory, Mari Hall, Blake Harre, Hogan Lawson, Natalie Ptacek, Reese Ptacek, Annika Ries, Mary Schalk, Taylor Schmaltz, Isabella Schneider and Brandon Schwartz.

Setting new C times were Jacob Barker, Joe Everson, Douglas Flynn, Isabel Green, Samuel Green, Jackson Harre, Afton LeMay, Mitchell LeMay, Kaitlin O'Tool, Natalie Ptacek, Mary Schalk, Russel Schalk and Garrett Watterson.