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HAST has a busy January

The four swimmers of the meet for HAST in the month of January. Pictured, from left to right, are Kaitlin O'Tool, Mary Schalk, Charlie Jensen and Ella Carlson. Photo courtesy of Kim Olson

By Kim Olson, contributor

January may have brought low temps and plenty of snow, but the Hastings Area Swim Team swimmers blazed through the cold with some hot swims and participated in four meets along the way.

First up was the Shark Freezing Your Fins Off Swim Meet, Jan. 6-7. Thirty-six HAST swimmers participated in the meet at the Levi Dodge Middle School pool in Farmington where they achieved 36 new times. Ella Carlson was named swimmer of the meet where she swam six-out-of-six best times. She cut over 14 seconds in her events and had the opportunity to swim two new events, earning a new B time in the 50-yard backstroke and new C times in the 100 freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke events.

The second swim meet HAST competed at was the SEMS January Invite, Jan. 13-14 at Butler Center Pool at the University of St. Catherine. Thirty-seven HAST swimmers competed at the event, teaming up to achieve 39 new times. Charlie Jensen was named swimmer of the meet. He swam five-out-of-six best times and cut over 26 seconds in all his events. Charlie achieved new BB times in the 50 breaststroke and 200 backstroke, and new B times in the 200 breaststroke and 200 butterfly.

HAST hosted the January Conf. C/PreC Meet at the Hastings Middle School pool on Jan. 26. Twenty-three HAST swimmers competed to achieve 17 new times. Mary Schalk was named swimmer of the meet by swimming three-out-of-three best times and achieving new C times in the 50 freestyle, 50 backstroke and 50 breaststroke.

Lastly, HAST hosted the Winter IMX Invite on Jan. 27-28. Sixty HAST swimmers competed at this meet and collectively swam 51 new times. Kaitlin O'Tool swam eight-out-of-eight best times, cutting 25 seconds overall, and was the swimmer of the meet. She achieved new B times in the 200 backstroke and 500 freestyle, and earned a new BB time in the 50 freestyle.

Other highlights from the meet are the HAST power point trophy winners: Chloe Aarness, James Jensen and Ashtyn Stewart. Points were awarded based on the time they swam. Swimmers were ranked by the sum of the points they earned for six individual races. Below are the swimmers who set new best times by division:

CHAMP times: Caleb Urban.

A times: Kira Aarness, Thomas Foss, Mari Hall, Kendal Jenkins, Lauren Jenkins, Ava McNamara, Annika Ries and Lila Salzman.

BB times: Kira Aarness, Clara Birken, Emma Dehmlow, Sydney Fleming, Thomas Foss, Emma Gelhar, Oliver Gergen, Katie Gjelhaug, Isabel Green, Kendal Jenkins, Lauren Jenkins, Charlie Jensen, James Jensen, Sofia Kovalenko, Josephine Larson, Ava McNamara, Kaitlin O'Tool, Natalie Ptacek, Reese Ptacek, Kiya Riley, Lila Salzman and Isabella Schneider.

B times: Kira Aarness, Megan Bump, Ella Carlson, William Coy, Emelia Berg, Emma Dehmlow, Annabelle Ellsworth, Emma Ellsworth, Elise Fritz, Jenna Gutterman, Mari Hall, Tristan Herbst, Ellianne Herrera-Carlson, Zeke Hitchcock, Charlie Jensen, Sofia Kovalenko, Emma McLay, Kaitlin O'Tool and Isabella Schneider.

C times: Micah Benner, Megan Bump, Andi Carlson, Ella Carlson, William Cory, Emma Dehmlow, Annabelle Ellsworth, Emma Ellsworth, Sam Green, Jenna Gutterman, Breanna LaBine, Afton LeMay, Amelia Miller, Emma McLay, Reese Ptacek, Gabriel Richardson, Isaac Schalk, Mary Schalk, Russel Schalk, Taylor Schmaltz, Isabella Schneider, Cody Stewart, Tristan Herbst and Garrett Waterson.