Recent River Blades Skating School accomplishments


Kare 11 kicked-off television coverage for the 2018 Winter Olympics on Friday, Feb. 9, in Minneapolis. River Blades Skating School was invited to perform their award-winning ice skating performance, Beauty and the Beast, during the ten o'clock newscast. River Blade's figure skating routine was broadcast on live television, in sub-freezing temperatures, from Kare 11's backyard.

River Blades Skating School's mission is to build self-esteem and confidence for life through skating. Participants during Kare 11's olympic coverage had a positive experience that helped build both self-esteem and confidence. Being part of this newscast was an immeasurable experience with memories that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations Lindsey Nadeau

Congratulations Lindsey Nadeau of River Blades Skating School on passing your US Figure Skating Field Moves and Freeskate tests today in front of a panel of US Figure Skating-appointed judges. Lindsey passed .5 over on her field moves test today, the smile says it all-so proud of you. Building skaters self esteem and confidence for life through figure skating.