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Jan's dancers open season at Legacy Dance Competition

Pictured are the girls who perform the routine “Cowboy Sweetheart”. Photo courtesy of Jan Tripp1 / 2
Pictured are the performers for the routine called “Trouble”. Photo courtesy of Jan Tripp2 / 2

By Jan Tripp, contributor

Dancers from Jan's School of Dance, Inc. started their competition season strong with 14 Platinum Awards and 32 High Score Awards at the Legacy Dance Competition the first week in April. The studio also earned the prestigious "Sportsmanship Award".

The senior dancers did well in their first appearance of the season. The Ruby Line scored high score honors in Lyrical and Jazz, while the Platinum Line earned a gold award in their initial start of the year. The studio's premier senior clogging number, "Trouble", took home a platinum award and won "High Score Senior Line" honors as well. Hip Hop 3 also danced well in taking home the number one high score award for their division as well as a scholarship to New York City for a dance convention. Contemporary 1, 2, and 3 also scored high score awards, as did Omni Jazz.

Teen Lyrical started the year with a high score award as did the novelty routine "The Wizard of Oz." Hip Hop 1 and 2 showed off their moves while earning high score awards, while "Johnny B. Goode", a teen clogging group, stomped their way to high score honors. The studio's Irish routine, "Wake Me Up", took home a platinum, judges and top high score honors in a flawless routine.

The younger studio members were not to be outdone by their older teammates. The Blue Line took home high score honors in Jazz and Lyrical, with their jazz routine earning a special judges award. The group clogging routine "Upper Mississippi Shakedown" earned a platinum and "Top Teen" high score award. The Gold jazz routine also scored a high score award. The younger lyrical routines showed composure with mini-lyrical earning a high score award and junior lyrical earning a platinum and high score award. The Turquoise Line earned a platinum and number one high score honors in clogging and jazz to start their season on a high note. The Diamond Line also put their best performance on the line by taking home a platinum and number one high score in clogging and high score honors in jazz. Their clogging routine also earned a dance scholarship to New York City, as well as a judge's award. In rounding out the group routines, the Silver Line took home number one and two high-score awards in jazz and clogging respectively. Their jazz routine also earned a special judges award.

In the individual competition, soloists Amber Puckett, Nicole Reents, Annika Seebeck, Haley Sherry and Deanna Small took home platinum awards and high-score honors, with Puckett and Sherry earning number one high-score awards.

Soloists earning elite gold awards include Londyn Overlander, Rhyan Smith, Lauren Reuter, Mekede Radiate, Kaitlyn Walderon, Ellie Barker and Katie Boyd. In the duet category Ellie Gullicks and Nicole Reents earned a platinum and Top Senior Duet honor, while Molly Barker and Kate Pottinger earned high score honors in their routine, as did Katie Boyd and Jada Panzer. C.J. Kramer and Rhyan Smith earned platinum and high score honors, with Taylor Borash and Hope Davis taking home high score awards.