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Rivertown Days Tennis Tournament crowns 23 champions

Anri Sakakibara took first in the U14 Girls' Junior Singles tournament. Photo courtesy of Barbara Munson

The Hastings Tennis Association helped put on the Rivertown Days Tennis Tournament, which spanned multiple sites and three days of competition. There were 23 different divisions that saw different mixes of age groups; men, women and children; and doubles or singles. Below are the results:

Junior singles

U12 combined: 1st — Cassian Nelson, 2nd — Sonya Potthoff, Consolation — Alexina Erickson.

U14 boys: 1st — Luke Julson, 2nd — Brady Zak, Consolation — Eric Barber.

U14 girls: 1st — Anri Sakakibara, 2nd — Erika Henrichs, Consolation — Charlotte Kranz.

U16 boys: 1st — Jacob Hulteen, 2nd — James Scharr, Consolation — Ben Ascheman.

U16/18 girls: 1st — Maeli Martin, 2nd — Amy Roach, Consolation — Katey Eickhoff.

U18 boys: 1st — Josh Kuemmel, 2nd — Colby Zak, Consolation — Eric Howd.

Junior doubles

U14 boys: 1st — Luke Pfluger/Zach Biernat, 2nd — Brady Zak/Charlie Schaar, Consolation — Henry Ascheman/Caleb Teegarden.

U14 girls: 1st — Anri Sakakibara/Audrey Langworthy, 2nd — Erika Henrichs/Mya Green, Consolation — Brogan O'Flanagan/Rhea Warner.

U18 boys: 1st — Jake Kuemmel/Josh Kuemmel and 2nd — Eric Howd/James Scharr.

U18 girls: 1st — E. Beyer/I. Kranz, 2nd — M. Martin/A. Roach, Consolation — R. Swenke/K. Johnson.

Adult singles

Men's division 1: 1st — Bryan Biever, 2nd — Derek Kieckhafer, Consolation — Alec Rudh.

Men's division 2: 1st — Brady Gullicks, 2nd — Shane Rother, Consolation — Brett Rodenburg.

Men's over 40: 1st — Chad Urlaub and 2nd — Pete Zak.

Women's: 1st — Kaitlyn Dennis and 2nd — Angie Beissel.

Adult doubles

Men's division 1: 1st — Brian Biernat/Bryan Biever, 2nd — Austin Houska/Josh Houska, Consolation — Alec Rudh/Danny Steiner.

Women's division 1: 1st — Taylor Reiners/Laura Edwards, 2nd — Mattie Kidder/Jill Weinzettel, Consolation — Angela Beissel/Amy Sorrels.

Men's division 2: 1st — Jimmy Li/Jake Hinz, 2nd — Colby Zak/Pete Zak, Consolation — Joe Zak/Griffin Myers.

Women's division 2: 1st — Ann Peller/Mary Langworthy, 2nd — Jenna Elliott/Amy Weispfenning, Consolation — Julie Henrichs/Kim Sill.

Mixed doubles

U14: 1st — Brady Zak/Erika Henrichs and 2nd — Charlie Schaar/Audrey Langworthy.

U18: 1st- Alec Rudh/Elizabeth Henrichs and 2nd — Maeli Martin/Colby Zak.

Group 1: 1st — Cash Roadamaker/Jill Weinzettel and 2nd — Peter Lindberg/Mattie Kidder.

Group 2: 1st — Erin Henrichs/Brady Gullicks and 2nd — Katie Hunt/Danny Steiner.

Group 3: 1st — Sadie Reiners/Chuck Taffe and 2nd — Julie Henrichs/Logan Radke.

Alec Hamilton

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