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Veteran's Park field to get press box

A concept drawing submitted to the city shows what a new press box at Veterans Park baseball field could look like. Image courtesy of the City of Hastings

Plans are underway for a new addition to the Veteran's Park baseball field. The Hastings Parks and Recreation Commission recently voiced its support for a new press box to be built behind the bleachers.

Currently there is only an announcer's table present at the field, and that table is falling apart, according to the project summary presented to the PRC. Power is only available to the table by running an extension cord to it, which is a safety hazard.

The press box will also provide better opportunities for Hastings to host regional and state level tournaments at the field. The field hosts more than 80 games a season at several levels, and these games, and the press box could be used for all of them.

After determining there was a need for a press box, the Veterans Park Improvement Committee got to work with department staff. A design has been donated by local architect David Harris, the same architect who is working with the Hastings Rotary Club on the Levee Park pavilion. Local contractors have also agreed to build the structure at no cost.

The box will stand on posts directly behind the bleachers already in place at the field. Initial drawings indicate the front of the box will serve as a backrest for the top row of bleachers. The structure would be 8 feet by 28 feet, 4 inches, and made out of wood with a steel roof.