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Letter: Political fighting goes too far

To the editor:

What is heavier than lead, and what could its name be but ... fool.

A fool will never ask: "Why do I do the things that I do?"

A fool will always believe that money is more important than people.

Have you noticed lately that both the Republicans and Democrats are desperately trying to show that the opposition is just plain unreasonable and untrustworthy?

I heard someone say just the other day:

"There was a Democratic senator and a Republican senator standing on the capitol steps. The Democrat saw a problem go by, so he started to throw suitcases of $100 bills at the problem. The problem was not solved. The Republican said, 'Problem? I don't see a problem.'"

Obviously both parties share the same problem. Everybody sees their own truth. That truth is usually based on a set of false assumptions.

Such behavior is called a parallax view. Both parties look at the same problem but come up with different conclusions.

Maybe, just maybe, both parties need to assimilate into each other.

Zealots on the far right think that they are wise. Zealots on the far left think that they are wise.

The good lord had something to say about wisdom.

"I shall trap the wise man in his own craftiness."

The stakes are very high. Maybe there needs to be a new political party. Something like the Republicrats.

Everybody, would you please tone things down? God save our republic.

Jerry McCallson