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Letter: Cartoon doesn't characterize president

To the editor:

As a former human rights commissioner in Red Wing, former board member for Minnesota Erosion Control Association and public speaker on pro-life issues, I find the cartoon characterization that we have a shipwreck in D.C. since the election offensive at the least. Ad nauseum.

Our president, Donald Trump, has built the best economy of our lifetimes. Serving all people of color. If you want a job, you can have a job, with benefits. Lowest unemployment in the black and Hispanic communities.

Many women in my business travels have told me, because of this economy they have left dead-end jobs to go on and prosper better than the last administration or any other administration.

For the first time in over 100 years the GDP number has outpaced the unemployment number!

Burdensome regulations and onerous taxation have been relieved from the American worker.

We have a stronger nation and we are respected again in the world.

One political party says they are always watching out for the little guy, then why not cheer this comeback of the American Dream?

I came from a family of migrant workers and am an American citizen who has lived the American Dream. I want this for all people no matter the color of their skin or religion. President Trump is making the American Dream come true for everyone.

It is not a shipwreck but Making America Great Again.

David Gamez