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Letter: WWII veteran and family thank a kind stranger

To the editor:

My friends and I would like to thank the tall kind gentleman who paid for our lunch June 23 at Yuan's Buffet on Vermillion Street in Hastings. The waitress tried to describe him to us after he paid our bill and left the restaurant.

She said he was motivated to do that favor as a gesture of appreciation for a World War II veteran as my friend's husband was wearing a WWII visor cap and using a walker. I would have liked to share with him that my friend's husband joined the Navy as a teenager and saw much action in WWII. Then he and his wife both worked for over 30 years for the world famous Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in Minneapolis and he became a minister and still evangelizes today in retirement as does his Christian wife, my niece.

We were enjoying our first meal together at Yuan's since the long winter — all being old and handicapped and confined indoors through the long winter. We have much in common, me being 97 years of age and a widow of a WWII Marine.

So, as a message to the kind tall gentleman who paid for our lunch, you can rest assured the Lord will hear about this from all of us. Amen.

Mildred M. Ruhr