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Letters to the editor: Pageant Pennies adding up to success; Do your job after your pet does its business

Pageant Pennies adding up to success

The Miss Hastings Scholarship Program appreciates the businesses and residents throughout the Hastings School District who gave us their support during our recent Pageant Pennies fundraiser.

Each jar bears the slogan "Your change today funds tomorrow's leaders!" Thank you for your generosity to help us with this goal. We are deeply grateful for the community's assistance to move closer to it.

MHSP is an official local preliminary competition of the Miss America Organization. As such, we have a heart for service with a focus on scholarships for the young women of the Hastings area. As we serve, they are empowered to develop soft skills to enhance the education they pay for with scholarship money we award them.

Our new titleholder will serve our community not only within it but across the state as she visits other towns as an ambassador of Hastings. We hope to attract visitors, and maybe new new residents, to this area because of it.

These are just a few reasons why we believe MHSP benefits Hastings and its surrounding communities.

We also love serving the citizens of Hastings. Thank you for returning your support with your donations.

Janelle Behny and Wendy Latuff



Do your job after your pet does its business

I often walk or bike the path that runs parallel to Bohlken Drive and the Vermillion River.  Last week I noticed that someone had dropped a plastic bag of dog waste on the side of that path.  I assumed the person would come back and retrieve it, however the next day it was still there, along with another bag.  

Another day I biked past and saw there were several more bags of waste piled there. There is no trash receptacle, therefore no trash pickup.  

I looked up the Hastings City Ordinance which states,


(A) It is unlawful for any person to allow or permit a dog to be on any public property or private property, not owned or possessed by that person, unless that person is in immediate possession of equipment to remove and carry dog feces to a proper receptacle located on property owned or possessed by that person.

(B) It is unlawful for any person having custody or control of a dog to fail to pick up any feces of the dog and dispose of them in a proper receptacle located on property owned or possessed by the person.

(C) The provisions of this section shall not apply to the ownership or use of service dogs or dogs used in police or rescue activities. (Prior Code, § 9.21) Penalty, see § 10.99

So, kudos to the people who picked up after their dogs, but it needs to be carried home and thrown in your trash. I’ve had dogs all of my life and know it is a hassle, but that is what we are supposed to do, not only for cleanliness but also to fulfill the social contract we have with one another.

I notified the Parks and Recreation Department, who will see to getting the pile of bags picked up today I’m just hoping the mess stays gone. On the opposite note, today I had to dodge a pile of dog waste in the middle of that same path.  

Janet Schultz



Disabled, elderly could use a little help

Are you looking for a place to volunteer and help the disabled and old?

I think they could surely use some help at the new Hastings Allina Clinic assisting handicapped people to and from the parking lot.

I am 97 years of age and my brother is 86. We both use canes for short distances; otherwise walkers and electric wheelchairs, not possible to take with us. Wheelchair assistance would be a big help especially in bad weather.

I wish there was a post near the sidewalk with a button that could be pressed to ring for help and a bench to sit on while waiting for a wheelchair.

It's a long distance to walk without help from falling. I hope something can be done before a patient really gets hurt.

Mildred Ruhr