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2017 Letter: 'Good old boys club' alive in Pierce County

To the editor:

On July 7, 2017, I had the honor of going to a court proceeding held in a beautiful old-fashioned courthouse in Ellsworth. Apparently the building wasn't the only thing that was old-fashioned that I encountered that day. This court hearing was conducted in front of Commissioner Jorg Gavic. I'm sad to say, his archaic rhetoric rang loud and clear that day.

What I witnessed, was a two-hour hearing that consisted of blaming the victim of domestic abuse and treating the female lawyer much harsher than the opposition's male lawyer. Commissioner Gavic's solution to this victim's harrowing ordeal was to enforce additional hardship in trying to find someone else to make the exchange for their child to the supervised visitations with her father (alleged the domestic violence abuser).

In addition to this, throughout the female lawyer's statements, Commissioner Gavic was observed staring at the clock and even looking bored. Which is in direct contrast as to how he acted when the male lawyer spoke.

It would appear that the commissioner is a remnant of the "good old boys" club, where a woman should be meek and mild, and "boys will be boys." To witness this blatant behavior was appalling and disheartening. We hold those in power to a higher standard.

Sandy Stoffel

Hastings, Minn.