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Letter: Making our votes count

When we voted in the 2016 general election, we became winners. We have a continued faith in our republic form of government. Through 200-plus years, we have learned about our candidates by mouth, newsprint, radio, TV, computers and social media. We know that those elected would prefer that they become invisible, and not hounded by the media.

However, we have the duty and responsibility to monitor their campaign promises. The Hastings Star Gazette publishes email addresses, telephone numbers and printed addresses in the newspaper. In less than 15 minutes, we can find out "what's happening?"

Two years from now, St. Paul legislators and U.S. Congress persons will be knocking on our doors. It behooves us to know whether we want to return them to office — or not.

Minnesota has the approval of 2016 voters to set up a commission to raise the salaries of our elected. Don't we believe the elected should earn our money? Shouldn't they be offering us transparency? Shouldn't they make a strong effort to make the lives of all Minnesotans better?

Winners don't sit back and complain. Winners take action. It just may help to alleviate another hate and fear campaign in 2018. We need to make our votes count.

JC Keetley