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Letter: Local support helped African school

To the editor,

I am very much excited to inform you that the National Examination Results for our school is in our hands. We are very grateful for your different efforts to our school and thus enabled our school to perform very well in the seventh grade National Examination 2016.

Your financial support to the teachers who were working extra time for slow learners in our school helped very much all students in the class to perform wonderful in their Examination. We humbly thank you very much for your extremely generosity to us. 

Our school has been performing very well year after year. Now I would like to give you the summary how our school has performed in district level, regional/state level and national level.

1. Number of pupils sat for National Examination September 2016 was 37

2. Rank of the school in the district level is second out of 79 schools

3. Rank of the school in the regional/state level is fourth out of 312 schools

4. Rank of the school in national level in Tanzania is 267 out of 8,241 schools

The students performed to the average grade of A and B only.

We believe that this performance has been possible due to your financial support of us from time to time. We thank you very much for your interest, time and different efforts for our school. Our plan for next year is to be the first in the district and regional level. Please pray for us.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a progress. Working together is a success.

I am looking forward to hearing a word from you. God bless you and have a long life for the poor.

Editor’s note: Fr. Augustine Mbiche is the Father in charge of orphans and the director of St. Monica’s School. He visited churches in Hampton, Vermillion and New Trier in August to share his story and garner support for his school for orphans in Tanzania.

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