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Letter: Campaign rhetoric matters

To the editor,

Words matter, printed or oral. They can encourage hate and fear. I try to fact-check those I’m concerned about. Minnesota District 54B DFL candidate Don Slaten issued his one piece of literature with his: mini bio, political goals, address/telephone number, photos; and it was published by him.

Lately, I have received mailings from the Republican party, the Northwest Leadership Fund and the Minnesota Food Coalition. All stated that they “Were not approved by any candidate or committee.” One even opined how Don Slaten is going to vote when elected to the state House! From the mailings, I have found out more about Don: he pays his taxes, he cares about immigrants to our state, he has support of many unions and their pension concerns, he supports our military around the globe (he’s a veteran), and he will keep the state responsible for our public schools’ adequate funding.

In CD2, DFL candidate Angie Craig’s Republican opponent states in a television spot that he plans to be “an independent voice in Washington.” The Independent Party in CD2 has endorsed you as its candidate, right Paula (Overby)?

Words matter, as do where they come from.

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