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Editorial: Good luck in your new role, chief

This week we report on the news that Hastings Chief of Police Paul Schnell has accepted a new job in Maplewood. He will be leaving Hastings on July 21.

Schnell will have served in Hastings for three years before heading off to Maplewood.

Already, we are hearing comments about his short tenure, especially compared to the chiefs of the past.

Such comments, though, are unfair to Schnell. He ought to be judged on the work he has done over those three years, and not solely on his length of service.

Turnover doesn’t have to be seen on its surface as a bad thing, or a negative.

Now, the city will turn its attention to another key hiring in 2013.

Schnell’s departure comes at a tricky time for the city. The city has have a new administrator, a new parks director, a new ice rink manager and a few various openings. This hiring takes on even more importance given those factors, and we will eagerly anticipate news as the search moves forward.