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Letter: Is Minnesota really paying too much in taxes?

To the editor,

What's all this talk about DFL overreach? Are we really paying too many taxes?

Think about it.

Maybe you don't really know how good we have it here in Minnesota. Travel around this country, and check out Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arizona and others. Drive off the freeways beyond the tourist areas and see what's out there.

Poor schools, unpaved roads, worn-out, sub-par housing, boarded up storefronts, virtual ghost towns and people living on the edge of life.

These are your right-to-work, non-union states. They are worn down, downtrodden and hardworking people who are struggling to survive on minimum wage jobs.

Medical insurance? Don't fall ill or get hurt on the job.

Are our taxes too high? Go ahead -- move! Try to find work that pays a living wage if you are not among the highly educated or extremely lucky. I'll help you pack.

Me? I'll gladly pay my fair share of taxes to help support our schools, roads, bridges and all of our other infrastructure needs.

Long winters and high taxes -- I'll take it for the good life in Minnesota.

--Don Slaten, Vice Chair, DFL, 2nd Congressional

district, Hastings