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Letter: A letter about fathers and daughters

Editor's note: An anonymous Hastings resident brought this letter into our offices at the Star Gazette recently. It was simply signed, "Dad."

"If only a dad could shoulder all his daughter's pain, he would. But, he can't, so he must teach her to be strong enough to shoulder it herself.

"If only daddy's little girls stayed little forever, life would be simple. But, they don't and they need to learn how to grow up together.

"If only dads were around to make all the decisions, they would be more at ease. But, they're not, so they only hope their daughters know right from wrong.

"If only dads could pick their daughter's friends -- judging them would be no problem. But, dads must rely on their daughters to use their own good judgement.

"If only all daughters were perfect. But they're not and mistakes can become a positive learning experience.

"If only all boys treated daughters the way dads expected, dads could sleep at night. But, since sometimes this doesn't happen, our job is to protect.

"If only daughters carried the wisdom that dads acquired through years of life experiences, dads would be calmer. But, dads need to guide their daughters to acquire their own wisdom.

"If only dads could hug their daughters 24/7, they'd know they were safe. But, since this isn't possible, they can only trust them to the arms of many.

"If only -- the famous last words of those who didn't strive to be their very best. But, it's never too late.

"If only daughters truly knew how much their dads love them, all dads would be happy. But, sometimes this takes time and every dad hopes to cherish those moments before they slip by.

"If only life was easy. But, sometimes it's not and each person needs the strength and confidence to work through it.

"If only, but ..."