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Editorial: About that exhaustive search

Last week we wrote that we were encouraged that a commission was recommending the city council conduct an exhaustive search for a new city administrator in Hastings.

At Monday's city council meeting, a few more details came out about that search, and observers quickly began to question just how exhaustive that search was going to be.

Hastings resident Tom Bullington questioned in an email to the Star Gazette what the hurry was when he learned there were just 17 calendar days that the posting would be open.

That timeline, though, isn't atypical. When the city sought applicants for its chief of police position in 2010, the city began advertising April 6 and the process closed April 23. There were 29 quality applicants who expressed interest in that position, including one internal candidate who made the top three.

We think two weeks is enough time to seek applicants. That said, a two-week search conducted internally can hardly be considered "exhaustive."

We remain confident that the search will yield a strong crop of qualified candidates, and that the process will be an open one.