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Letter: Housley wants your support

To the editor,

There are a couple of things in life that you never think you'd do, and I'm doing one of them... running for public office. But, it was time. The founding principles of our government are to be a democracy of the people, by the people and for the people. The more I saw our state heading in the wrong direction, and only 25 percent of our legislators having a business background, it was time for someone 'of the people,' with business experience and an understanding of how real jobs are created, to serve our state.

I've been knocking on doors, talking with residents and meeting with city officials throughout our district all year. The number one issue on people's minds is jobs and the economy. In order to turn the economy around, we need to get people back to work.

Should you elect me, I will work hard to help create real and permanent jobs. My efforts will be focused on getting tax reform that will help small businesses grow and hire more employees. Seventy-five percent of Minnesotans are employed by small businesses - this is where our attention needs to be.

I will also work to streamline the regulation and permitting process to enable new small businesses to open sooner and have more capital to hire employees. I will work to help expand domestic and international markets for Minnesota's manufacture and agricultural goods. I will increase health insurance flexibility for small businesses, and I will work to get effective job retraining to enable displaced workers to meet the needs of today's job market.

The people of Minnesota are frustrated with career politicians, the status quo, and are looking for fresh ideas, common sense and real solutions. Because of my business background, I have those ideas. I am a small business owner, real estate agent, radio show host and author of a published finance book. I have the experience to lead our state down the right path and get people back to work.

My husband Phil and I have lived all over the United States and Canada and looked forward to the day where we could settle back in our home state of Minnesota and continue to raise our four children here. We're very lucky to live here, and I will work hard to get our great state back on a prosperous path.

There are two very clear and different choices on Nov. 2; you can vote for a plan that has proven not to work, or ideas that do. I have ideas that will get people back to work and turn our economy around. I ask for your vote on Nov 2. It would be an honor to serve you.

You can call me anytime on my cell at 651-260-8905. Email:,

Karin Housley

State Senate candidate