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Editorial: Summer construction season is here

Orange will again be in season here in Hastings.

Road construction projects are already under way, but the city will soon see many more projects get started.

With those projects will come a plea: patience.

Pleasant Drive will soon be closed, and getting around in west Hastings will suddenly become more of a challenge.

Highway 61 north of Hastings will soon see a major project kick off, now expected to occur June 24.

Highway 61 in Hastings will be resurfaced this summer, and work has already begun on that project.

Last, but not least, construction on the new Highway 61 bridge in Hastings will begin late this summer or early this fall.

We plead for drivers to exercise caution when navigating through construction zones.

Getting around will take you longer, there's no doubt about it. With that in mind, we must all plan ahead.

We have, unfortunately, written about way too many tragic stories lately on our roadways, and we'd prefer to not have to write any more.

Please be safe out there.