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Editorial: Readers have no shortage of comments on assault rifle story

We report frightening news this week that a thief broke into a police car and stole an AR-15 assault rifle.

Since posting the story on our website, more than 35 comments have been posted by readers.

This week, we highlight some of their thoughts in print:

Gorden B.: A DARE car that is usually parked at the high school with an unsecured assault rilfe. Hmmm. Loaded!

C.L.: If they knew the gun could not be secured properly, then they should have known not to have the gun in the vehicle.

DJ B.: (Chief) McMenomy, why was this rifle in the car if it was not supposes to be? What possible excuse can be given for this assault rifle being unsecured in a vehicle not equipped for proper storage? A DARE car, for heaven's sake.

T.H.: How is it that the media never has done an investigation into our police department? Maybe if they did, we would get the council's attention.

B.R.:I know hindsight is 20/20, but perhaps the HPD could have considered purchasing a trigger lock for the weapon to utilize until a suitable in-vehicle locking device was installed. This would not have prevented the rifle from being stolen, but it would help to prevent it from being used by the wrong person. Sometimes a little common sense goes a long ways.

John M.: I am going to have to stand up for HPD. I think they are great human beings who work hard to serve the community. Sometimes mistakes are made, I am glad that my mistakes are not put in the paper. In jobs such as police officers, you do not get a report of everything that they do well. It the nature of the beast. I am glad we have the chief and the officers who work the DARE program.

Melissa I.: This is very unfortunate and I don't think we are getting the entire story. I live near 55 and Pleasant. Cops surrounded a home there and were looking for a suspect regarding garage break-ins. They had our entire neighborhood concerned and now this is the story I'm reading. I think there is more to this. If someone has the guts to break into a locked police car, who knows what else they are capable of. I hope they can get a handle on this problem.

Todd M.: So the police chief says that the new DARE vehicle has only been in use for about two months. How long does one need to figure out how to secure a firearm and at the very least put a trigger lock on it? Why would you even let the vehicle go home with that officer?