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Hastings couple locates Woodbury Days medallion

Matthew Koskie and Ashley Wilson discovered the 2012 Woodbury Days medallion.

The hunt is over - for this year, at least.

The Woodbury Days medallion, located in Colby Lake Park, was turned in Wednesday morning. The winners were Matthew Koskie and Ashley Wilson of Hastings. They found the hidden prize after the fifth clue.

The duo located the medallion at about 6:15 p.m. Tuesday night in the southwest corner of Colby Lake Park - just north of Park Crossing.

The medallion was hidden near a paved inlet in tall weeds.

Koskie said he obsessed all day Tuesday over a "burning up" reference left in a clue from Monday. He guessed right - the clue was in reference to the Burn it Up 5K race held at Colby Lake Park - and followed the trail south.

He and Wilson searched the park's southern area until something caught Wilson's eye.

"I did a double-take," she said.

It was the medallion.

The couple presented a Woodbury Days button upon returning the medallion, meaning Koskie and Wilson will split the full $500 prize.