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Letter: Lewis' support for rich is an abomination

To the editor:

I'm signed up for U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis' emails and I received one about his attempt at proving he's there for the American people. I responded with this:

Mr. Lewis,

Because of your continued fearful refusal to meet with your constituents and your recent vote on the disastrous new "Don't Care" health care plan, do not count on my vote in 2018.

I see that your position is also one of the battleground areas in the country for the 2018 elections and I can see why.

If mandates are so horrible then remove the car insurance requirement that we are all mandated to pay. In fact, remove all mandates so that the rest of the American people can enjoy a little extra cash in their pockets too. That's what this was really all about — putting money back into the pockets of the very wealthy.

Your continued support for the rich in contrast to working America is an abomination to what you were elected to do.

You can tell the true health of a nation by how its leaders care for its people, especially the very young, the very old and the very poor.

May the Beatitudes continue to guide the rest of us in reaching out to the people you obviously have marginalized.

Kristi Harvey