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Mississippi River crests over weekend

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The Mississippi River has crested in Hastings at just under 19.5 feet. However, flooding has already taken hold along the riverbanks with Levee Park, walkways and roads along the river being submerged. Photos by Sally Shepherd / RiverTown Multimedia4 / 4

The Mississippi River crested at a stage of roughly 19.5 feet Sunday afternoon, according to National Weather Service data.

"The forecast showed the river crested between 19.4 and 19.5 feet Sunday into Monday, before slowly backing off," Hastings Public Works Director Nick Egger said.

Two weeks ago, the forecast predicted that the Mississippi River would reach a major flooding stage of 21 feet. On Saturday, March 23, hundreds of volunteers assembled nearly 11,000 sandbags in preparation for the spring flood event.

"We ended up not getting any requests for the sandbags that were put together last weekend, but it was better that we prepared for what was forecasted," Egger said.