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Goats for lawn care: City Council briefs

Goats for lawn care

The council held a public hearing and voted to adopt an amendment to City Code Chapter 91, which will allow for the temporary keeping of goats for invasive species and weed control.

The amendment to the ordinance will allow issuance of a permit to have goats for up to 30 days no more than twice a year. The amendment would be limited to industrial, public institution and agricultural zoning districts.

The amendment came from a request from Ardent Mills, who were looking for permission to keep 45-55 goats at the Mill Site to control weeds and nuisance plants.

The city code previously prohibited goats within the city, and was only allowed in agriculture districts.

Electronic display signs

Council members passed an ordinance amendment to city code pertaining to electronic graphic display signs, fixing a mistake that was made in the code back in 2006.

The amendment of the ordinance states that the entire face of a sign can be utilized for electronic graphic display. It also states that only 25 percent of an interior window can be covered by digital graphic signs.

Originally, when the ordinance was adopted back in 2006, the 25 percent rule of the ordinance was supposed to just regulate digital signs in windows, but got applied to digital display signs in general.

Creepy Candy Crawl

The council unanimously voted to approve a request from several downtown businesses to close Second Street for a special event.

A number of business downtown requested that three blocks on Second Street be closed from 3-9 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 31, for a Downtown Hastings Creepy Candy Crawl.

The event will be held 4-8 p.m. from Vermillion Street to Tyler Street in Hastings. The family-friendly event will feature entertainment and activities, as well as food collection for Hastings Family Service.