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First National Bank to get ramp: Hastings City Council briefs

Detached garage meets Original Hastings Design Standard guidelines

Hastings City Council unanimously passed a resolution on an addition to a house in the 600 block of Fifth Street West that would allow for more living space for the family. The house is within the Original Hastings Design Standard area, that has its own set of regulations.

The plan states that the add-on would be a detached garage with an upstairs living space that would be connected on the second floor of the house, but would not be connected on the first floor.

The OHDS area is defined by Pine Street, the Mississippi River, 10th Street and the railroad tracks. The regulations put in place are meant to preserve traditional neighborhood designs, reflecting characteristics of residential buildings form 1845 to 1940.

While city codes prohibit second stories for detached garages, OHDS regulations state that living spaces that are above garages are suitable for residential use.

Wallin 17th and 18th addition

The council voted to table discussion of the preliminary and final plat of the Wallin 18th Addition.

The land owner, Duane Wallin and Winston Wallin Partnership, asked for the discussion of the development to be tabled so that the partners can make appropriate changes to the plan.

The site comprises roughly 9 1/2 acres east of General Sieben Drive and north of River Shore Drive.

This comes after the planning commission recommended that the plan not be passed, and expressed worries about driveways that would be off of General Sieben Drive.

The plan would create 22 villa home sites and an outlot for future development.

The discussion of the final plat will move back to the planning commission once the changes are made before coming back to the city council.

In relation to this, it was also requested that the council order a public hearing for Wallin 17th Addition, which calls for a vacation of drainage and utility easement in an outlot of the 17th Addition. The easements were originally created in preparation for larger lots in the development.

With the proposed lot configuration of Wallin 18th Addition, public utilities for the area are modified in a way that there is no longer a need for the drainage and utility easement.

First National Bank to get ramp

The council voted to approve the site plan for the new parking ramp that would be built on the First National Bank building. The parking lot will provide 123 parking spaces on Second Street on the west side of the Highway 61 bridge and also provide charging stations for electric vehicles.

The site was bought in 2015 as part of the Great River Landing Development project.

— compiled by Kelsey Roy, staff writer