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The Recycling Zone changes plastic bags policy

A new year brought a few changes to how residents can recycle certain items. Dakota County no longer accepts plastic bags and packing peanuts at The Recycling Zone in Eagan. As of Jan. 1, the county also has stopped paying residents to drop off aluminum cans, though cans still are accepted for free recycling.

Plastic bags and wrap require special recycling and do not belong in household recycling carts. Bags can wrap around recycling sorting equipment. Many private businesses offer the same service, so it is no longer needed at The Recycling Zone.

Residents can bring clean and dry plastic bags to grocery stores and retailers that accept them for recycling. Clean packing peanuts can be dropped off at UPS stores and local shipping stores, which reuse the material.

For more information, including a list of materials accepted at The Recycling Zone and where to take other household items, visit and search "Recycling Zone."