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Photos: Pulling hard for Hastings Family Service

Several students pull on the tug-of-war rope. David Clarey/Rivertown Multimedia1 / 5
A Hastings Middle School Student taunts her opponents at the fundraiser. David Clarey/Rivertown Multimedia2 / 5
Hastings Family Service's Amy Sutton accepts a check symbolizing the $6,523 raised through Hastings Middle School's tug-of-war May 17, 2019. David Clarey/Rivertown Multimedia3 / 5
Hastings Middle School staff face off against students during the final round of the tug-of-war competition. David Clarey/Rivertown Multimedia4 / 5
A Hastings Middle School student jumps out of the pool after being pulled in during the tug-of-war fundraiser. David Clarey/Rivertown Multimedia5 / 5

Hastings Middle School students raised $6,523 for Hastings Family Service in its annual tug-of-war fundraiser on Friday.

The organization uses the earnings to fund the majority of its school supplies program, Amy Sutton, Hastings Family Service's associate director, said in an email.

"This support form the Middle School is so important because the students prove year after year that you can make a difference in your community no matter your age," Sutton wrote.