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Tuin completes Eagle Scout project

Garrett Tuin, center, is pictured with Todd Judge, left, and Darin Berg. Judge and Berg are members of the Hampton Sportsmen Club, which Tuin painted recently as part of his Eagle Scout project. Submitted photo

Just outside of Hampton on Highway 50 is a small shooting range called the Hampton Sportsmen Club. It’s a spot that Hastings High School junior Garrett Tuin has come to appreciate over the years.

Problem was, the buildings on the grounds were in need of some care and some fresh paint. Tuin stepped up and helped out as part of his Eagle Scout project.

Over the weekend of Oct. 11-12, Tuin, his friends, fellow scouts and family members pitched in to paint a shed, the clubhouse and the sign along the road.

“They asked if I could do my Eagle Scout project there,” Tuin said. “The facility just didn’t look that great. It looks a lot nicer now. Not only does it look nicer, but it will last a lot longer.”

Tuin is a member of the club over the summers. The high school trap shooting team from Randolph High uses the club as their home shooting range during the trap season.

Tuin’s parents, Brian and Jaci, helped coordinate everything for the weekend of painting, as did his scoutmaster Shawn Moynihan.

Ted Kranz helped out with all the paint questions.

“He was the guy who helped me figure out all the kinds of paint I needed,” Tuin said. “A big thanks goes out to him. I’m thankful he helped me out.”

Both Cub Foods and Coborn’s Superstore donated food for the painters and Sherwin Williams offered a discount on the paint that Tuin needed.

A few fellow scouts pitched in and helped out, too.

All of the coordination and planning that Tuin did is one of the benefits of an Eagle Scout project.

“I had to be prepared, like Boy Scouts teaches us,” he said. “I had to know where everybody had to be at certain times. I had to organize all the jobs. It went really good. Everybody listened well. I wasn’t as stressed out as I thought I was going to be.”

Tuin has one merit badge left to complete. He’ll then go before the council and have a review of his project in order to determine whether or not he earns his Eagle Scout status.

He said the best part of being in the scouts has been his service hours.

“I think just the service hours (is what I liked most),” he said. “Just being active in the community – helping out and making a difference.”