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Hastings test scores improve

Students at Hastings High School continue to show improvement on state achievement tests.

That was the good news released earlier this week by Principal Mike Johnson.

“As a staff and community we are very proud of the academic achievement and improvement from last school,” Johnson said. “Students, parents and staff work very hard together to challenge students to do their best in classes and on very important standardized tests.”

At the high school level, the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment test also has a Graduation Required Assessments for Diploma (GRAD) component that students must pass in order to graduate. Hastings continues to improve each year, with more students passing these tests and scores that are well above the state average.

The results show:

Grade 10 MCA/GRAD reading – Hastings students are at 64.2 percent proficient. The MCA state average is 60.1 percent.

Grade 10 MCA science – Hastings students are at 71.7 percent proficiency. The state average is 53.2 percent proficiency.

Grade 11 MCA/GRAD math — Hastings students are at 62 percent proficiency. The state average is 50.6 percent proficiency.

The graduation rate for Hastings students is 95 percent. The Hastings High School average ACT score is 22.5, which is .04 below the state average. The goal for 2014-2015 is to improve this area, said Johnson.

“Again this year at HHS, we will be demanding more of our students and ourselves as a staff to work towards dramatic improved academic achievement,” said Johnson. “We have worked very hard together to decrease the failure rate to a historic low of 3.4 percent and will continue to push all students towards high grades.”