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Police shut down prostitution website allegedly run by Woodbury woman

Minneapolis and Woodbury police arrested Nora Lee Anderson, 45, on June 3 at her residence in Woodbury. Anderson has not been charged with any crime, but Minneapolis police investigators shut down a website she was running that they say was serving as an online meetup for prostitution.

Minneapolis police have arrested a Woodbury woman they believe has been running a prostitution ring via a website. The woman has not yet been charged with any crime related to her arrest.

On June 3 Woodbury and Minneapolis police investigators executed a search warrant and arrested the woman they identified as Nora Lee Anderson, 45, who they say also uses the name "Tiger St. Claire."

According to a message posted by Minneapolis police investigators on the website Anderson's arrest "followed an investigation initiated more than a year ago by Minneapolis Police in cooperation with various federal agencies to include the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

"Extensive physical and electronic surveillance, as well as undercover operations, preservation and review of numerous e-mail accounts and other investigative techniques were used during this investigation," the Minneapolis police message states on the website.

The message Minneapolis police posted on the website also states that investigators are in possession of an extensive subscriber database for the My Fast Pass website and "as part of our ongoing criminal investigation, it is our intention to have face to face contact with people on this list, to include men and women."

According to records filed at the Secretary of State's Office a woman by the name of Nora L Anderson first registered a business by the name of My Fast Pass LLC in May 2005. Anderson last renewed registration for the business in January 2009.

The home page for advertises to prospective clients who want to "step into the fast lane and say good bye to the hassles of hook ups! Tired trying forever to get an appointment? Frustrated by all the reference checks? Ready for a private, mature and quick way to make appointments?"

The home page for the website was disabled sometime on Wednesday, June 10, but was back online Thursday.

Police posted the message about the arrest and the investigation under a link for "members" subscribed to the website.

Anderson posted $6,000 bail and was released from the Hennepin County Jail, but police said she is likely to be charged with state or federal promotion of prostitution.

Last updated Friday, June 12 at 12:25 p.m.