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Hastings man found with excessive amounts of marijuana

Hastings resident, Mark Anthony Siebenaler was recently charged with one count of controlled substance crime in the fifth degree, one charge of violation of domestic abuse no contact order and one charge of driving after revocation.

The 44 year-old male was pulled over on June 9 after a Dakota County Sheriff’s deputy had witnessed Siebenaler’s Ford van pull out of a driveway. The driver, who was later identified as Siebenaler, had an active felony warrant out for his arrest on all of the charges listed above.

Upon arrest, Siebenaler said he wanted his medications. The deputy drove to the home and had spoken with Siebenaler’s wife and son. Once asked for the medications, the son led the deputy to a camper in which the sheriff’s department believes to be where Siebenaler took residency.

As the deputy approached the camper, a strong smell of marijuana was detected. Once in the camper, the deputy observed a large glass bong.

The deputy later opened the freezer to find six gallon-sized Ziploc bags of a green leafy substance. He then contacted the Dakota County Drug Task Force in which they had written and obtained a warrant to search the camper.

The DCDTF found several items including: Ziploc bags with a green leafy substance, three garbage bags with a green leafy substance and miscellaneous drug paraphernalia.

The substance tested positive for the presence of marijuana. The total weight of marijuana was 7,619.77 grams, which is about 16.8 pounds.

Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie said that these cases are quite common and are prevalent among all ages, races and people.

“Marijuana is still very prevalent in our society,” Leslie said. “It’s not uncommon to have that much marijuana.”