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Dinner choice leads to argument, threat and charges against Hastings man

An apparent dinner choice led to an argument that led to a physical altercation at a Hastings residence Jan. 10. It also led to Patrick Francis Murphy, 40, Hastings, being charged with one count of terroristic threats.

According to the criminal complaint, Hastings Police were called to the residence on the report of an assault.

Two adult individuals at the residence had gone to purchase chicken for dinner. Murphy and a minor child stayed behind.

When the two adults returned from the store, they observed Murphy and the child eating corn dogs, which caused an argument.

Murphy eventually began yelling at the two and the argument continued for the next several hours. At one point, Murphy pushed one of the adults to the ground. One of the adults grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed Murphy with it.

The two adults left the residence in hopes of calming down Murphy. When they returned, the woman observed that a sword in the house was out of place. Murphy went to the basement, but continued yelling. When one of the adults went to the basement, he observed Murphy standing at the bottom of the stairs holding the sword. The adult ran back up the stairs and Murphy followed. Murphy apparently pushed the adult into a counter.

Police located two swords in sheaths and a large red knife also in a sheath at the residence.