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Doffing pleads guilty to school bus stop violation

Hastings Police Officer Rene Doffing has pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to stop for a school bus stop arm. A second charge for failing to stop for a school bus while children were outside has been dismissed in Dakota County District Court. The conviction was deemed a petty misdemeanor.

Doffing was ordered to pay a fine of $300, and fees of $80. According to court documents, the fines and fees have been paid.

The charges had been filed following a Dec. 8, 2011 incident in Hastings. Doffing apparently drove by a school bus with its stop arm extended, stopping suddenly when the bus driver honked the horn. Doffing was on duty, but driving his personal vehicle during a lunch break. He was charged by the Burnsville City Attorney's Office with two counts of school bus stop arm violation, one a gross misdemeanor and one a misdemeanor.

In January, Doffing reached an agreement with the city for early retirement, now set for January 2014.