Firefighters respond to Prescott house fire


A house fire at 9:42 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 19 at 166 S. Borner Street in Prescott is under investigation.

The fire did not displace the residents, believed to be a rental property, according to Prescott Fire Chief Tom Lytle. The owners of the home are listed in property records as Craig and Amy Lubich.

The weather was described as normal with no one home during the fire.

Lytle said the fire was contained on the outside near the garage, with the garage not being affected.

The damage was mostly to the siding, with the Prescott Fire Department keeping the fire on the outside.

Responding with the Prescott Fire Department was the Prescott Police Department and River Falls Emergency Services.

The time on scene was three hours, which Lytle said is typical for a fire of this nature.

The fire's cause remains under investigation.