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Busskohl gets plea deal for charges related to alleged murder plot

Andrew James Busskohl, 19, pleaded guilty to aggravated harassment and third degree damage to property. The charges are both gross misdemeanors.

The Woodbury teenager accused of plotting to kill a stranger last August will not serve any prison time according to a plea agreement reached last Friday.

As a part of the deal Andrew James Busskohl, 19, pleaded guilty to aggravated harassment and third-degree damage to property.

Both charges are both gross misdemeanors.

As a part of the guilty plea, Busskohl could serve a maximum of 90 days in jail, in which he can participate in a county Sentence to Service program, county attorney officials said.

Busskohl is also likely to serve four years probation. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 8.

The Washington County Attorney's office originally charged Busskohl in August 2008 with first-degree attempted burglary and first-degree aggravated harassment for an incident in which police uncovered a plot he had to kill a man that lived within walking distance of Busskohl's home in Woodbury.

The county attorney's office added a first-degree murder charge to the case in September, but a judge dismissed the murder charge in January.

Busskohl, a 2008 Woodbury High School graduate, was arrested for the Aug. 7 in connection with an attempted break-in to a home on the 3800 block of Oxford Drive.

Police were tipped off to the plot, according to a criminal complaint, when Busskohl told a friend he had a plan to murder a person at random.

The friend contacted police and, in a search of Busskohl's vehicle, Woodbury police found evidence that they believed pointed to his plan to target a man who lived at the residence he admitted he broke a window at on Aug. 6.

After the plea deal was reached April 17, Busskohl was released to his family and the conditions of release are to have no contact whatsoever with the victim, his residence of any member of his family and to have weekly check-ins with the probation department.

Evidence, interview with police

The Aug. 11, 2008 criminal complaint stated Busskohl told his friend he planned to break a window at the home of the targeted victim one night and would return the next night to "either stab the potential victim in the chest or slash his throat" and then either cut off the eye lids of the victim or cut out his heart.

After Busskohl's arrest, Woodbury police found a backpack in the trunk of Busskohl's vehicle that contained a swimming cap, black gloves, latex gloves, scrubs and an address card with the name and address of the resident who called the night earlier to report the attempted break-in.

Also included in the backpack was a map with directions to the named resident's home, situated in the general vicinity of Busskohl's residence in the 3200 block of Canterbury Court.

In a follow-up interview with police Busskohl said that on early Aug. 6 he stood outside the window of the residence for a long period of time before breaking the window.

According to the complaint he said he was "very scared after breaking the window and believed that he would not have come back to the home to finish the act, but when police asked him that before he broke the window it was his intent to come back to harm the man who lived there, he answered, 'yes.'"

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Last updated: Wednesday, April 22 at 11 a.m.