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Woman claims she contracted 'flesh-eating disease' from surgery

A woman who had a surgical procedure performed at Woodwinds Health Campus last month reportedly contracted a rare "flesh-eating disease" as a result.

According to a segment aired Tuesday on WCCO-TV, Rebecca Eckes went to Woodwinds in Woodbury last month to have a hysterectomy because of stomach pains.

Later, Eckes' kidneys stopped functioning, she gained weight and got a rash.

She was moved to the University of Minnesota Medical Center. Eckes was reportedly told by U of M doctors that she had contracted a flesh-eating disease while at Woodwinds.

In the WCCO report, Eckes alleges the surgeon -- who is not a Woodwinds employee -- was negligent during the hysterectomy. Eckes primarily blames the unidentified surgeon, but also contends Woodwinds management should have taken better care of her.

Because of her surgical complications and ensuing procedures to remove the infection, "Eckes has holes throughout her body, and 80 percent of her stomach is gone," the WCCO report stated.

Eckes' city of residence is not available, but she was described as a married mother of five children.

Cindy Bultena, manager in charge of patient care at Woodwinds, told WCCO the hospital is investigating both the surgeon's and the Woodwind's actions related to Eckes' initial hysterectomy surgery.