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Take a sneak peek at Pleasant Hill Library ahead of tomorrow's grand opening

The newly renovated children's area at Pleasant Hill Library. David Clarey / Rivertown Multimedia1 / 7
A new medium-sized conference room is named after the old mill ruins in Hastings. Other rooms are named after local landmarks as well. David Clarey / Rivertown Multimedia2 / 7
An almost finished meeting room was expanded in the renovations. David Clarey / Rivertown Multimedia3 / 7
New seating in the library. David Clarey / Rivertown Multimedia4 / 7
A new patio area was constructed as part of the renovations. Some library programming could be held there. David Clarey / Rivertown Multimedia5 / 7
A new book sorting system will make book returns more efficient for library staff. David Clarey / Rivertown Multimedia6 / 7
A new calming space will have different tools to help calm children, with an emphasis on kids with autism. David Clarey / Rivertown Multimedia7 / 7

After shutting down in October for renovations, Pleasant Hill Library is ready to reopen with a host of exciting improvements.

The about $3.6 million renovation remodeled the interior and features expanded meeting spaces and conference rooms, a reworked children's area and an "iLab" space with high-end technology like 3D printers. Other improvements include new computers and numerous decals that celebrate Hastings' landmarks and history.

"We're really excited to share it with the community," said Julie Carlis, the library's manager. "It's great for us to frolic, but the real thing is when people come."

On Tuesday, the library will open to the public at 9 a.m., and have a grand opening celebration 6-8 p.m. The celebration will feature speeches from county staff and offer celebratory small door prizes to some attendees, said Margaret Stone, director of Dakota County's library system.

"It's one thing to see the plans and images and renderings, but to see it come to life is really very exciting," Stone said.