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Bumpouts taking shape on south side of Second, Tyler streets intersection

Construction crews are preparing to replace pavement at the intersection of Second and Tyler streets this week.

Last week, according to the city's latest construction update, crews finished the storm sewer and other underground utility work on the south side of the intersection and placed gravel to prepare for curb work. At Oliver's Grove Park, crews installed electrical conduits. Etching work also continued on red paved diamonds in the bumpouts, and the blacktop was restored at Third and Sibley streets.

This week, crews are placing the curb and gutter for the bumpouts on the south side of the intersection at Tyler and Second streets, repairing sidewalks along Tyler Street south of Second Street, continuing site work and special feature installation within Oliver's Grove Park, installing light fixtures on reinstalled poles, and resuming work on the vehicular welcoming archways on the north ends of Sibley and Ramsey streets, starting with electrical facility installations for lighting.