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Rivertown Court evacuated after part of roof blown off

Rivertown Court, the senior housing complex behind Target on the west side of Hastings, was evacuated Tuesday morning, June 19.

When the storm came through Hastings at about 4:30 a.m., part of the building's roof was blown off. When that occurred, the building's sprinkling system activated, causing water damage in the building.

According to Sara Swenson, assistant administrator for Dakota County CDA, which owns and manages the building, the decision was made to evacuate the residents.

"Most of the residents were able to stay with families," she said. "The other 10 are being put up at the Hastings Country Inn hotel temporarily. Fortunately, no one was hurt."

Swenson said CDA officials were waiting for the insurance agent to arrive at the building to assess the damage to the structure so repairs could begin.

The Dakota County CDA also owns and manages the townhomes next to Rivertown Court and there was damage there as well. One of the units sustained damage when a piece of the roof truss from Rivertown Court blew into it.

Windows were also reportedly broken and trees damaged by the winds.

"They are all habitable," said Swenson.