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Current City Hall dates back to 1871

Hastings City Hall was the county courthouse until 1991.

Hastings City Hall provides a breath-taking view as visitors enter Hastings from the north on Highway 61. Housed in the 139-year-old building that was once the Dakota County Courthouse, City Hall was remodeled and opened in the fall of 1993.

The Dakota County Courthouse was completed in 1871 at a cost of $95,000. It is an imposing structure with German styling in its square shape and four towers with blocks of stone on the corners. The designer, A.M. Radcliffe, also put in a little of many other styles as well: French renaissance tower domes, Florentine stone arches on the windows, and Greek Corinthian columns at the north entrance.

An extensive remodeling in 1912 added the neoclassical dome and rotunda in the center of the building. The rotunda is now open to the dome for the first time since 1941. As the county grew, the limestone west wing was added in 1955 and the new jail on the east side in 1962.

In October 1974, the new $4 million Dakota County Government Center opened its doors on West Highway 55 in Hastings. Eventually, further building and remodeling in Hastings, plus a new western service center in Apple Valley, allowed the last county offices to move out of the historic courthouse in 1989.

The city of Hastings purchased the property in 1991, planning to remodel the former courthouse building for the new City Hall, and the former county jail annex for the city's police department.

In November 1992, the City Council received bids and awarded contracts for the remodeling. Bonds were sold by the Housing and Redevelopment Authority to fund the projects, as well as for remodeling the former police and fire department for fire use only. Design, construction and landscaping costs for the City Hall alone totaled $2,271,443.

The City Council resurrected the name "Public Square" to refer to the new city government facility. That name is shown on this block of the 1855 plat.