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6 months after shooting final suspect in Red Wing murder caught

Nearly six months to the day after a 26-year-old man was gunned down in Red Wing, the final suspect in his murder was arrested.

Goodhue County prosecutors confirmed Thursday that Donald Andre Sesley was taken into custody by authorities in Arkansas. According to staff at the Pulaski County detention facility, Sesley was brought in July 19 on a fugitive hold.

Goodhue County Attorney Stephen Betcher said Sesley, 20, is believed to be the man identified by co-defendants in the case as "J.R." According to witness testimony, J.R. was at the scene when Luis Orlando Galicia Mijangos was shot to death in a Red Wing alley on Jan. 20.

Sesley was one of five people indicted on first-degree murder charges after the murder.

"It's very important to have this last suspect in custody so we can proceed with the prosecution in a timely fashion while all the witnesses and evidence are still available," Betcher said.

"We will pursue this case expeditiously now that this final defendant is in custody."

Sesley listed a North Little Rock, Ark., address when he was booked into jail.

According to a U.S. Marshals spokesman, law enforcement officials from multiple agencies learned in June that Sesley was living with a family in Little Rock, Ark. He was taken into custody days after an investigation began.

Public data indicate Sesley has a Minnesota criminal record. In 2003, he was convicted as an adult of first-degree attempted aggravated robbery in Hennepin County.

Betcher said Sesley probably will be transported to Red Wing sometime next week.

Marvin Todd Griffith, 20, admitted last month to killing Mijangos during a late-night drug deal in an alley between West Seventh and Sixth streets. Griffith agreed to a plea deal that calls for a 30-year sentence.

Co-defendants William Jamar Lawton, Julian Smith, Erica Sanchez and Samantha Siples also have accepted plea bargains with prosecutors. Lawton was sentenced on Thursday to 180 months in prison.

Betcher praised local authorities for their role in tracking down Sesley.

"Once again, we are seeing the results of ongoing and dedicated law enforcement efforts," he said.