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Stacy Boatman

Stacy Boatman

Stacy Boatman, alumna of Hastings High School, class of 1994, recently published her debut novel. When not writing, Stacy enjoys running in peaceful solitude or boating with her high school sweetheart turned husband, daughter, three sons, and a Labradoodle. Stacy graduated from Bethel University. She is a pediatric nurse and volunteers in the fight against human trafficking.

Bittersweet Goodbye is a story of love and friendship, tragedy and hope, and God's grace. In an attempt to hide the secret of her assault, Audrey Chapman avoids her friends and family, including Trevor Hayes--her best friend since forever, who just confessed that he sees her as more than just a friend. She can't hide her secret for long because this secret comes with a choice. No matter what decision she makes, someone will get hurt.

Bittersweet Goodbye is available through Amazon and other major book retailers. Or visit