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Vote Karla Bigham for Education, Feb 12

Vote Karla Bigham for Education, Feb 12

To the Editor:

Minnesota is known for having one of the best public education systems in the nation and academically successful students. This is no thanks to Denny McNamara.

As a state representative he voted repeatedly for bills that either underfunded education or outright hurt our schools. In 2011, he voted for the education "shift" which balanced the state budget deficit on our students, delaying a payment of $2.1 billion to our schools. McNamaras vote cost Hastings schools $14 million; S. St. Paul schools $9.6 million and South Washington County schools $45.2 million.

In 2013, he voted against the education bill that funded all-day kindergarten--meaning he was okay with requiring parents to pay a fee to send their children to an all-day program. In 2015 finally supported an education bill that provided meager education funding increases. Luckily our schools were saved by the Governor and State Senate, which insisted on providing more funding for students.

We dont need Denny McNamara back in the legislature. We do need Karla Bigham who will strongly support our schools and students to maintain high quality education.

Vote for Karla Bigham on Monday, February 12.

Tom Bell

Grey Cloud Island Township