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Concerned senior citizen

Concerned senior citizen

As a senior citizen living in Cottage Grove I am very concerned about the Special Election, what is happening in SD54 and why we need to vote for Karla Bigham. The Republican controlled legislatures have constantly shifted fees to counties and creating more unfunded mandates. Vital to our district is education, we vote for referendums for our schools because of lack of state funding to education, I have waited in traffic on Highway 61 to get on the bridge because of lack of funding for transportation. The list goes on and on.

Karla is very concerned about making her community a better place to work and live. She is respected for her non-partisan work in Cottage Grove, Washington County and as a State Representative making sure that her communities are represented bettering the lives of all of us, not a few. It is from this perspective that I ask you to support Karla Bigham for the Special Election on February 12.