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Supporting Denny McNamara

Supporting Denny McNamara

As a former president of a Hastings student group, Denny McNamara was the first legislator I ever met, and he shattered all my expectations of a lawmaker. Denny was, and still is, friendly, very approachable, down-to-earth, honest, and interested in our priorities.

Denny has worked with all lawmakers to enact positive change in Minnesota and our district. I wish more people in our legislature held these same values, as Denny is a man of great character and integrity. Like many others, I'm embarrassed by the actions of our previous senator, but know Denny will restore our trust and make things right.

I'm thrilled he's running in this special election, and encourage residents to join me in voting Denny McNamara for State Senate.

Nick McGrath

New Trier