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Denny McNamara is the right choice for Senate District 54

Denny McNamara is the right choice for Senate District 54

To the editor,

I am writing to express my support for Denny McNamara in the Senate District 54 race. Denny is hard working, personable and running for the right reasons. During Dennys 16-year tenure in the House, I called Denny on several issues. He listened to my concerns and spoke candidly about his stance on issues (even when we didnt agree). He could easily retire from public service and enjoy his family, but stepped up again to work hard for us again.

I disagree with those who dislike or disrespect experienced public servants who have been elected for multiple terms. There are "establishment" politicians who are only out for themselves. They are worth replacing. However, there is value in electing an effective legislator who has strong relationships and knowledge of the legislature and processes. Denny understands the needs of his constituents.

Regardless of whether you agree with me, please vote on February 12 in the special election. It is an important election for our district and the state of Minnesota.


Lori Braucks