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Karla Bigham

Karla Bigham

To the Editor:

Karla Bigham is a talented woman running for State Senate who will be a strong advocate for the people she represents.Karla has deep roots in our area, growing up and living in Cottage Grove, graduating from Park High, serving on the Cottage Grove City Council, a state representative, currently serving as a Washington County commissioner and being involved in many community activities,

I appreciated that Karla voted to fund the new Hastings Bridge. She joined our senator at the time, Katie Sieben, to bring funding to Hastings and is the only candidate in this was that did, Thank you Karla.

We need people in St. Paul who can build relationships. not walls. Karla's ability to work with others--no matter their political bent--means she has successfully represented the people of our area for over a decade.

I urge you to vote for Karla Bigham for state senator in the special election on Monday February 12. She will be a strong and fierce advocate for all of us.

Danna Elling Schultz