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Slim Down With RiverTown: Weigh-in doesn't mean the pattern ends in May

Editor's note: This column is one in a series as three RiverTown Multimedia reporters take part in the Slim Down with RiverTown weightloss challenge.

First, congratulations on being less than a month away from the end of the Slim Down with RiverTown. I'm sure there have been highs and lows throughout this process, but the ability to continue focusing on your goals is an incredible victory.

Once May is over, then the real part kicks in. You won't have an event or contest pushing you to continue these practices.

Brian MozeyInstead, you have to rely on yourself and maybe friends or family to continue these healthy practices.

It's always hard to stay focused on the goals that you want to achieve after a contest or an event, but the easiest way to keep weekly and daily goals is to have events to look forward to in the future.

For example, a 5K or 10K run can push you to continue running outside or on the treadmill. It could be a hike up in the North Shore or a longer bike ride, but small events that can motivate you to keep focused for future months to come.

I know the wedding season is coming around the corner for my friends and family, so I'm focusing on continuing to look better and feel better before those events reach my calendar.

It doesn't even have to be an event. It can be a weekly or daily goal similar to the goals you've set throughout these last few months.

I would recommend continuing these small goals for future months because it'll help in the long run. Whether it's swimming, kayaking, or going for a walk around the lake, just stay focused on the goals ahead and continue to try new things especially with the summer coming around the corner.

The main part is that you don't want to stop these exercises after the RiverTown Multimedia event is over. Once you stop the exercise and eating patterns, it's hard to get back to that pattern once again.

So I'm going to challenge each and every one of you and that challenge will be to keep this pattern going in June, July and future months. I'm going to be doing the same challenge myself because I've been enjoying every minute of Slim Down.

Each week I learn something new about myself and I continue to push myself with larger goals and more difficult challenges. I've found activities and exercises that are fun and things I look forward to in my week.

It's amazing how these last few months have flown by and I hope everyone has learned something new about themselves. It's important to focus on your health and this has allowed me to go in depth about my health both physically and mentally.

I wish you the best of luck in the next month or so as you conclude this event. You are weeks away from the final weigh-in and your team could win the grand prize. I would recommend to stay focused on daily and weekly goals and I look forward to seeing everyone at the weigh-in in May.

Tip of the week from Vibrant Health


By Debra Sanders, RD ,CD, CDE

This week's tip is about macronutrients.

Macronutrients refer to carbohydrates, proteins, and fats—the three basic components of every diet.

A recent trend in weight loss is counting macronutrients.

Your macronutrient ratio doesn't directly influence weight loss but it can help you consume a balanced diet and stick with a reduced calorie diet.

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Brian Mozey

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